Aryan Ispat & Power Private Limited

Aryan Ispat and Power Pvt. Ltd. (AIPPL) was formed in 2006 with a view to undertake all business activities relating to Sponge Iron like: import, export, purchase, trade and manufacturing of various types of iron and steel and their sub-products. Strategic and competitive positioning is paramount for any businesses success. The plant is ideally located at Sambalpur, Odisha, which offers major benefits such as proximity to raw material, availability of water, availability of infrastructure, manpower, transportation, network etc. The raw material for the manufacture of Sponge Iron viz. Iron Ore and Dolomite are abundantly available near the plant.

The company with its three sponge iron unit has a total capacity of 550 TPD and a Captive Power plant of 18 MW to meet its electricity needs. Beside these the company is also equipped with a Coal Washery with an annual production capacity of 720,000 MT and a Private Railway Siding (Siding code: MAIL) which is a sanctioned Private Freight Terminal (PFT) also. Currently the company is handling on the average 50 rakes per month of coal and iron-ore. In today’s business scenario, timely delivery is of upmost importance to consumers. The availability of a private railway siding enables the company to fulfil all its business commitments.

The promoters of AIPPL with their different business backgrounds and specialized experiences brought the best industry practices in the day-to-day operations of the company. This has enabled AIPPL to be one of the industry leaders in all aspects of business in the region.

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